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LCS Society Membership Application

LCS Society Parent/Guardian Agreement

1. I/We have carefully examined and agree with the Doctrinal Statement and Educational Philosophy of Lethbridge Christian School.

2. I/We affirm our loyalty to the aims and ideals of the School and undertake to bring all questions and criticisms directly to those individuals involved so they might be properly considered by those individuals, in an ascending line of authority (Matthew 18).

3. I/We undertake to give of our time, gifts, and talents as regularly as possible to meet the expressed needs of the School, to perform services whenever qualified or needed, and to uphold the School constantly in prayer.

4. I/We also recognize the need for fund raising, and fully commit ourselves to participate in fund raising activities.


If you are applying for membership with the LCS Society, the requirements are as follows:

a) Membership in the LCS Society entitles you to vote at regular and special Society meetings and to receive pertinent information from the school.

b) In full cooperation with the School and to the best of our abilities, I/we will regularly attend all LCS Society meetings and other functions that require input and participation.

c) I/We agree to pay our membership fee of $30.00/parent or $60.00/couple due on the date of registration.

d) LCS Society Memberships expire on July 1, 2021.

e) Unpaid memberships automatically default to non-member.

LCS Society Membership Application

We have read the above information, fully agree and wish to apply for membership with the LCS Society for the current school year:

I/We do not wish to become members of the LCS Society, however, we signify our desire to have our child(ren) participate fully in the Alternative Christian program at Lethbridge Christian School.